Wednesday, September 17, 2008

American Neo-Nazi Party to absorb Church of VRILology!

I, Walter Schellenberg, am extremely proud to announce that Dr. Jacques Anthony Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, the Benevolent Fuhrer of the American Neo-Nazi Party, has met with representatives of VRIL Master Robert Blumetti, the founder of the Church of VRILology ( , and that the two men are poised to join forces in an alliance which will quickly result in a Neo-Nazi ascension to power, through the promotion of the ANCIENT PAGAN NORDIC RELIGION, which includes the worship of the God known as Odin/Thor/Tuisto/Irmin-Krist/Freya/Isis/Cybele/Demeter and YHVH.

The ANNP plans to hold its first party congress, and consecrate its Church/meeting hall/Parthenon/Feldherrenhalle, on Walpurgisnacht of 2009, at which point DR. PLUSS, The Great Leader, hopes to annoint Robert Blumetti as his Deputy Fuhrer and The Most Elevated Vicar of the Odin/Thor/Freya Secret Mystery.

This party congress will take place in a secret grove at Midnight; it is invitation-only and those asked to attend will communicate with the ANNP Leader through a sophisticated method of encryption, which involves decoder rings that The Leader will dispense through his own courier service, as the Postal service cannot be trusted with such sensitive material

During the congres itself, sacred rituals will be invoked that shall render attendees invisible to ZOG's intelligence gathering. All men are encouraged to attend the meeting Sky-clad (nude) and shall be required to swear a solemn oath of eternal loyalty to Dr. Pluss.

Confirmed speakers for this event include: Gudrun Himmler Burwitz, Otto Skorzeny, Otto Ernst Remer, DR. PLUSS, Ron Furey, Ewald Althans, Joe Fields, Kevin Alfred Strom, Michael Kühnen,
Dan Benson, Jeff Schoep, Ernst Röhm and Otto Rahn.

Note: the deceased NSDAP comrades shall manifest themselves through DR. PLUSS. These spirits, which exist only as a collection of ethereal atoms, must be channeled by a great Shaman/Wiccan/Odinist/Pagan Priest such as Dr. Pluss or VRIL Master Blumetti

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am insane and I lied about Gudrun Himmler Burwitz

I, Jacques Anthony Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, have a confession to make:

I am severely mentally ill, and I have recently stopped taking my medication.

Although I have had a life-long appreciation for Nazism, the fact that I am a mischlinge (a Jew hybrid) has always led to moments of incredible self-doubt, and impulsive decisions that later reveal themselves to be crazy, such as my launching of the ANNP.

I do not know Gudrun Himmler Burwitz, I have no neo-nazi followers, and I'm sorry for displaying my pathology for all the world to see.